How to check used macbook before buying - check tips for mac

How to check used macbook before buying - check tips for mac

A lot of people prefer to purchase second hand macbooks - it's cheaper but you still get the same quality and all OS X features and updates. Here are some useful tips on how to understand that macbook is fully functional and everything will work:

  1. Check macbook hinges: open and close the laptop and listen - there should be no crunching or squeaking sound.
  2. Check all corners - the should not be hit, look for scratches on top and bottom of the case.
  3. When laptop is closed the top cover (display) should be exactly the same size as the bottom part. It should be lying properly on the bottom part of the case. Rubber frame around the display should not be damaged.
  4. Turn macbook upside down and check all screws on the back cover.
  5. Launch Apple Hardware test - turn macbook on and while it is booting press and hold "d" button. See the main specs of macbook - after macbook was booted open Terminal app and execute the command:

    system_profiler SPHardwareDataType

    Check that Serial Number which is engraved on the bottom of macbook is the same as displayed in Terminal.8. See the RAM Status and Size by executing:

    system_profiler SPMemoryDataType
  6. Check Wi-Fi by joining any network (click the Wi-Fi icon at the top right of the screen).

  7. Check broken pixels on display by watching the 1.2 minute video with different colours:
  8. Check the keyboard: create a new .txt file on the desktop - just run the command in Terminal:

    cd ~/Desktop/ && touch keyboard-test.txt

    Then open keyboard-test.txt and press each button from the keyboard - the should appear in the file.

  9. Check the display highlighting by pressing the corresponding buttons from the top line on the keyboard.

  10. Check the speakers, microphone and camera: launch the Photo Booth preinstalled app and record a short video with some sounds. Then play this video. Plug the headphones and play the video again.
  11. Check all USB ports by plugging the flash stick (flash drive).
  12. Check the battery and charger: try to charge the macbook. Charging status should be displayed with the battery icon on the top right of the screen, charger should be shining with orange highlighting indication (or green if the battery fully charged).
  13. Check Apple Service and Support Coverage by pasting the macbook serial number to
  14. Check that Firmware password (EFI password) is off (not set): reboot the macbook and hold "command" + "r" buttons then go to "Utilities" -> "Firmware Password Utility" there should be written "Password protection is off".

That's it, hope this tips for checking macbook will help you to select and purchase a good device!