Meaning of macbook serial number symbols - country and date of production

Meaning of macbook serial number symbols - country and date of production

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Where is a mac Serial Number located

You can see the serial number of your macbook:

  • In Mac OS X choose About This Mac from the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen.

  • Open Terminal and execute the next command:

    system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | grep "Serial Number (system)"
  • On the back surface of the computer - turn it over and see the serial number engraved on the bottom of your macbook.

  • If you kept the original packaging (retail box) or receipt from your MacBook Air, you can see model number or configuration details there.

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What symbols in serial number of macbook mean

Usually 3 first symbols of serial number represent the country where it was created (manufacturing location). Nowadays almost each macbook serial number starts with C02 - the country of production is China. To see in what country macbook was produced and to understand what symbols in serial number of macbook mean paste them to one of this services and wait till they will generate the results with detailed info about your macbook:

Now let's see what first 4 numbers in serial number of mac mean.

Country of macbook production

Starting from 2010 and onwards in later models the first three characters define the factory where the macbook was made:

  • FC - Fountain, Colorado, USA
  • F - Fremont, California, USA
  • XA, XB, QP, G8 - USA
  • RN - Mexico
  • CK - Cork, Ireland
  • VM - Foxconn, Pardubice, Czech Republic
  • SG, E - Singapore
  • MB - Malaysia
  • PT, CY - Korea
  • EE, QT, UV - Taiwan
  • FK, F1, F2 - Foxconn, Zhengzhou, China
  • W8 - Shanghai, China
  • DL, DM - Foxconn, China
  • DN - Foxconn, Chengdu, China
  • YM, 7J - Hon Hai/Foxconn, China
  • 1C, 4H, WQ, F7 - China
  • C0 - Tech Com, Quanta Computer Susidiary, China
  • C3 - Foxxcon, Shenzhen, China
  • C7 - Pentragon, Changhai, China
  • RM - Refurbished/remanufactured

Before 2010 Apple used a 11 character serial number for its products - so the first two characters stand for manufacturing location country. After 2010 12 character serial numbers are used.

Year of macbook production

It looks like the year in serial number code is encrypted in the fourth symbol (from 2010 and onwards):

  • C - 0, first half of the year => 2010/2020/2030 from Jan to Jun
  • D - 0, second half of the year => 2010/2020/2030 from Jul to Dec
  • F - 1, first half
  • G - 1, second half
  • H - 2, first half
  • J - 2, second half
  • K - 3, first half
  • L - 3, second half
  • M - 4, first half
  • N - 4, second half
  • P - 5, first half
  • Q - 5, second half
  • R - 6, first half
  • S - 6, second half
  • T - 7, first half
  • V - 7, second half
  • W - 8, first half
  • X - 8, second half
  • Y - 9, first half
  • Z - 9, second half

Understanding the serial number of macbook

To see the date when your macbook was produced type the serial number into the Check Your Service and Support Coverage page: - the resulting screen will show your model. To see the technical specs and configuration of macbook open Terminal and run the command:

system_profiler SPHardwareDataType

Or you can type your macbook serial number into the Tech Specs page: and see the resulting screen with your macbook model description.

How to see your MacBook Air model identifier and model number

To find your macbook model identifier in System Profiler choose "About This Mac" from the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen, click "More Info" and see the model identifier in the Hardware Overview inside the Hardware section. Also see the official page from apple support -

Why "About this Mac" doesn't show macbook Model and Year of production

If you have Model and Year missing in "About this Mac" popup it's ok. There are a lot of macs that don't have model and year of creation displayed - see the screenshots below:

About This Mac macbook air Yosemite macbook air yosemite about this mac Macbook Air 2013 Yosemite no release date air 2013 no creation date El Capitan macbook air without date el capitan air 2013 production date not displayed sierra macbook production date missing sierra mac mid 2013 not displayed about this mac no date about this mac Sierra

According to the it's because such macbooks were originally build to order. Macbook air laptops purchased directly from stores will show the model and year correctly.